What to pack for a week in the sun

By Stella
Mar 09 2017


It's that time of year again where many of us Canadians are heading south to fill up on some vitamin D and some much needed rest and relaxation. My family and I typically don't do the sun and ocean this time of year, but an unexpected bidding frenzy at the festival of trees gala for mental health changed that. One minute we are contemplating bidding, the next minute we realize that the 8 of us are heading to Barbados!!! I'm so excited, I just can't hide it :) 

As my friends and I were discussing our trip, the first thing they said to me was "ok Stella, what do we pack? We need help!"  This is where I got my inspiration for this months blog post.  Now, those of you heading on a ski trip or something of that sort, I can't help you this time, but I promise that I will one day :) 

When you're travelling to a hot climate, you really don't need much.  Most of the days you're probably poolside, some days you may go sight seeing, but if you're like me,  you're pretty much in your bathing suit all day on the beach with a book/magazine!

So for a week in the sun, here are my suggestions on what to pack:

3 bathing suits -  This is plenty.  For bikini's, you can mix and match your tops and bottoms for different looks.

2 cover ups - A cover up of your choice, to walk around comfortably in, and a large light weight scarf. The scarf can be used not only as a wrap for the pool/beach, but also, as a scarf to put around your neck or shoulders while travelling. Check out https://www.sattvaboutique.com/collections/scarves-hats for a great selection of beach scarves.

Accessories - Sunglasses, hat, and a scarf as I mentioned above. Jewelry, but try to pack or wear the jewelry that will go with most outfits (your accessories bag can get heavy if you pack too many different pieces).

Clothing - Here I will separate the clothing into two groups.  Day and night.  I'd say a total of 15 pieces is more than enough.  You probably could do less, but I feel much more comfortable knowing that I have an "extra" piece in case of an accident.  

Day - Like I mentioned above, you will probably be in a bathing suit all day, so you have your 2 wraps already and then pack 2 pairs of shorts and 3 t-shirt/tank tops. You can throw in a light sun dress as well if you'd like. Pack these items for day trips or if you take some time to exercise at the gym.

Night - Pack 3 light weight dresses.  Not too fancy but enough to feel like you're dressed up for an evening out. The nice thing about dresses, is that they do not take up space in your suitcase.  2 skirts/pants along with 3 tops. Here you can repeat one of your bottoms while you change your top or vice versa.

Shoes - 3 pairs!  If you're like me you're tempted to bring more, but don't.  They take up a lot of space in the suitcase and really you end up wearing the same pair over and over.  While you're travelling wear a comfy shoe or sneaker style.  This can also be the shoe to wear if you go to the gym or you do some walking in the town.  You should also pack a sandal/flip flop.  This will be worn at the beach, pool, resort etc. Finally, you will need to bring a dressier shoe for the evenings.  Maybe one with a small heel/wedge or this spring's fashion, the mule slides. 

2 purses.  One for day/travel and a small clutch of some sort for your evening out.

And lastly, for the plane ride you can wear a comfortable pant or skirt with a t-shirt, topped with a jean jacket or light weight sweater, and a scarf.  The planes can get chilly!   For your travelling outfit, I suggest you wear the same thing going and coming home - you can change your top or bottom with something you had already packed.

I think that should do it ladies.  I am one to over pack, but with experience I have learned that I tend to wear the same clothing over and over.  This should help you keep things to a minimal and completely covered!

Remember comfort is key, but make sure to put some effort into your wardrobing.  You're on vacation, wear a brighter colour or a pant/dress with loud print.  Be creative, but with simplicity.

Safe and fun travels for those of you who may be taking a trip somewhere warm (or cold) and happy packing. :)


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