What to buy that special man in your life

By Stella
Dec 06 2016
holiday gifts

Year after year I find myself struggling with the same question. What do I buy Billy for Christmas?

There is really no sense in asking him as I always get the same reply.

"I don't need or want anything..." 

Great, thanks for the help!!!  Maybe if you didn't go buy everything you need all the time...#@$%!

Sound familiar?!

Thankfully, during my shopping excursions, I have found some really good gift ideas that received the thumbs up from the guy who doesn't "need or want anything". 

Today I am sharing some of these ideas with you in hopes that you can scratch a gift or two off of your list. 

Stance socks

My husband Billy, LOVES these socks.  Every year they come out with new patterns and I try to buy him a pair for Christmas.  They are a very soft cotton and not too thin.  I am told they are "just right". 

Besides the various colour patterns which are just lovely, they have many other styles to choose from. If Star Wars collections, the NBA or golf are his thing, then you're in luck!

Not forgetting us ladies, brand new this year, Rihanna has designed styles called Fenty for Stance by Rihanna. http://www.stance.com/rihanna-all/ Who says we can't  pick up a little something for ourselves? :)

$17.00 and can be found at http://www.pseudio.ca/contact/

Saxx underwear 

Saxx underwear were designed by a former baseball player who came up with the idea after a day out on the water fishing. After spending several hours chaffing away in the cold wet weather, he decided something needed to be done to protect his "goods".

Apparently they feel great on and have a perfect, smooth, mesh pouch to cradle the "goods".

They come in all sorts of styles and designs and are very sexy on :)

$31.95 and can be found at http://www.duggersfashion.com/contact/

Patrick Assaraf t-shirts

"This t-shirt is elevated to the sublime with super soft slightly stretchy Peruvian cotton." - Patrick Assaraf

It can be worn on its own or layered under a jacket.  The colour never fades, and is an excellent travel piece.  It may quickly become your mans basic "go to" piece.  They come in various styles such as short sleeve, long sleeve, and V-neck.  

You may only find the long sleeve for this season, but you can find the short sleeve online.

$88.00 - $98.00 http://www.duggersfashion.com/contact/  or online at http://www.harryrosen.com/clothing/casual-wear/t-shirts/patrick-assaraf/...

Lab series all in one face treatment

Ladies, we all know that our men need to be taking care of their beautiful skin, but how do we convince them? Let's face it, we sometimes struggle in the morning and at night with the amount of different products we need to apply to our faces. It is unlikely any man would ever do the same.  

Thankfully I found the Lab series all in one.  He is going to kill me that I told you, but Billy absolutely loves this moisturizer!

It's an all in one that provides soothing, moisturizing, repairing and mattifying results.  Easy to use and lightweight. Exactly what a man on the go needs.  

$38.00 at the Bay http://www.thebay.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/en/thebay/pro-all-in-one...

When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

I bought this book for Billy at Christmas last year, and every time I lost him in our home, I found him nestled in a chair reading away.  He says it is one of his favourite books of all time. He also told me he cried.  Yes.  He cried. Doesn't that say enough? Every man needs a good cry!!!

Now he is really going to kill me...

$17.95 online at Chapters https://www.chapters.indigo.ca/en-ca/books/when-breath-becomes-air/97808...

I hope that some, or maybe all of these gift items may be helpful to you, and I hope you enjoy the process of buying that special something for that special someone as much as I do. May you be blessed this Christmas with all things beautiful. Lots of love, happiness and peace.

Merry Christmas my fashionable friends, and Happy New Year!  I know that each and every one of you will be sparkling this holiday season! :)


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