Tomato red

By Stella
Oct 06 2023

Yes that's right.  Red is the colour for fall 2023.  No not just any old red, but tomato red!  A rich and powerful colour that is slightly more orange-toned than typical cherry red and bigger than deep scarlet.  It has a vibrant and joyful effect and is very wearable.

Red can be so versatile and I am very excited to incorporate it into my wardrobe this season.  I recently read an article that said the colour red really gives classic and tailored pieces an element of excitement and breathes new life into basics. I totally agree. 

It pairs nicely with neutrals like khaki, olive, stone, or even ivory.  For a bold look it can also be worn with other vibrant hues like hot pink, orange and purple.

If you really love red, a head to toe monochromatic suit is the way to go.  Some other notable looks would be to wear red fluid trousers with a sweater or perhaps a blazer dress with tall boots.

Now if you like red but are afraid of it being too much, one small simple piece is perfect to update your wardrobe this season.  Such as a pair of red cashmere socks that would look fantastic worn with a pair of jeans, t-shirt with a blazer and loafers.  A red purse worn with neutrals or even a dainty red hair bow can transform your look.

 When I show red to my clients they are usually a little hesitant at first. But once they see it worn with the right pieces, their minds change instantly.  If you want to feel powerful and even sexy, red may have that effect for you :)

It's nice to incorporate something new into our wardrobe and I think red is it this season.






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