Spring trends

By Stella
Apr 24 2017

Are we safe to say that spring is finally here in Halifax? I hope so!  I've been anxiously waiting to wear some of my more lighter clothing and break out my toes :)  Last week, mother nature gave us a bit of a tease, so I did just that.  It felt so nice, and I felt a sense of confirmation that warmer weather is coming.  There is something about the bright sun beaming through your windows in the morning and listening to the birds.  A weight gets lifted off my shoulders, and a smile ever so slightly breaks before I get out of bed.  I am so HAPPY it's spring!  What also makes me happy is some of this spring's trends that I'm excited to share with you.


Practicle and fashionable.  Chic and comfortable. That's the best way I can describe how Athleisure should feel and look.  I always hear "I'm too busy to put myself together, I have no time"  Well, with Athleisure being trendy, you can wear your comfort clothes while spicing it up to feel stylish for a lunch date.  Wear a comfy top with a pair of black leggings, sneakers, and a cool vest with an oversized scarf.  Another look can be wearing a pair of leisure pants, white t-shirt and sneakers, with a black leather bomber style jacket.  Or maybe a pair of leggings, longer style top with a top coat sweater, sneakers, and accesorize with a pair of statement earrings, and an oversized handbag.  

Floral print

Yes, back again this season and seeing it everywhere!  Maxi dresses, skirts, blouses, pants, bomber jackets, and shoes.  You can really wear what your comfortable with here.  Some would wear top and bottom floral print together, others would prefer to wear one printed item and match with a solid.  Wear a jean jacket or a leather jacket with a floral print maxi dress, or a solid dress/pant or skirt with a floral patterend shoe.  Your options are endless here, so go ahead and buy yourself something with a floral print, you won't regret it!

Ruffle's and Ruching

Ok, so I love both ruffles and ruching.  I think it shows such feminity in the simplest pieces.  You'll be seeing a lot of big ruffle's at the sleeve's in t-shirt's and blouses, and in longer skirts with layers.  When you wear something with either ruffle's or ruching, pair it with something simpler, like a pencil skirt or fitted top (this way the detail of the ruffle's or ruching gets noticed).


Styles like: off the shoulder, just shoulder's out, one sided shoulder drop, and button down.  Shirts are everywhere and with a lot of texture.  White, red, and shades of blue seem to be the most popular (for good reason).  You can pair any of these colours with this season's bright striped pattered pants or skirts.


I'm sure your seeing these style shoes everywhere!  These are perfect for those who don't like wearing heels but want the height.  They come in many different styles; sandal, shoe, lace up, sneaker etc.  They can be worn casually or for an evening out.  It's a pretty cool style shoe that can really be worn with anything.

and last but not least....the 80's glam!

Super bright colours, dramatic ruffles, puffed up sleeves, and glam vibes feel.  If you loved the 80's fashion, then this is the season for you!!  I will be incorporating the 80's style by wearing the ruffles and a pair of bright coloured jeans! I will play with this trend, maybe you can too if you're unsure.  Remember, your whole look doesn't have to be one style.  Pop a trend into the style that works for you.

So there you have it.  A few fashion trends happening this season.  You may or may not like everything, but be open to try new things.  When you're out shopping, take a few things off the rack that you're unsure of and think of it like playing dress up when you were a kid.  Go into the fitting room and have fun.  We take ourselves too seriously sometimes, and our child within us goes to sleep.  Have fun and have some play time a little bit each day for you.

Happy Spring!


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