Sharing a piece of me through fashion

By Stella
Feb 20 2017

My hands are feeling a little shaky and my heart is probably beating about 1000x a minute.  But that's okay, "I'm sensitive" :) This is what I keep telling myself as I contemplate sharing a bit more about myself on my blog.

I am not typically an open book.  Personal experiences and stories about myself usually get held in.  I try to stay safe, and from some past experiences, it seems best to stay safe.  But is it?  Or do you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable sometimes and trust?   It's something I'm figuring out along the way, but this is a step.

I had a very sincere conversation the other day, with an individual who has guided me through a lot of layers over the last few years and has gotten to know me pretty well.   She asked me how things were going with my company, Styliani.  As I was telling her what this new adventure has given me emotionally, she looked at me and said  "this may be something you want to blog about".  Without hesitation, I looked at her and said "Are you serious?"  

She was serious!

But in order to grow, we all need to let go of those little things that do not serve us and face the things we fear most.

Come along with me as I let you into a little of what my fashion world feels like :)

When I first began entering my client's closets, I did not realize that I was also entering closets filled with personal life stories and memories.  When I am picking up pieces of clothing to give away or keep, I am often in awe when I hear stories of where the item was worn, when it was bought, or what it was bought for.  These women are openly sharing their memories with me and I feel so honoured to be a part of that.  What I have come to realize is, a closet tell's a story.  Stories begin and end all the time.  Like fashion, it changes all the time.  Sometimes we choose not to ever forget a story, so we hold onto it. Other times we don't want to remember, so we part with it.

One of my very first customers that I had, before I launched my website,  said to me "I have never felt or have been told that I was beautiful in a very long time.  I thank you for that.  And you watch, this journey of yours won't just be about clothing, it will be so much more." She was right.  It is so much more.

Fashion consulting was something that I did and still do for fun.  I enjoy shopping for others, and most importantly, I love the look of excitement on family, friends, and clients' faces when they put something on that they never thought they could or would wear.  It fulfills my heart and there is nothing more rewarding than putting a smile on someone's face and making them feel important and good about themselves through fashion. 

Fashion isn't just materialistic.  Fashion tells a story, it is art, and it can speak a lot about you. You are the artist, you display the story.

So take a little extra time putting yourself together before you walk out that door to start your day. You ARE important and you deserve that extra time for you!  When you feel good and happy, others will too.  

I am so grateful that I am finally here, doing what I love, and to be of service to so many beautiful women.  Thank you for allowing me into your fashion world.  There is so much more to come and I can't wait to share my personal and fashion journey with you. :)


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