My Style Story

Named after my beautiful grandmother of greek descent, Styliani is my given name. And as it turns out, an overture to my future in the fashion industry.

I’ve been styling and providing wardrobe advice to women my entire life; with a  love for clothes & styling, and a deep passion for the sense self-expression that can come from beautifully selected garments. I don’t believe that my clients should follow trends but rather develop a sense of style that is a uniquely gorgeous and different as each and every woman is.

I understand firsthand that a woman's personal image is bound to her confidence and self-worth, that feeling your best oftentimes requires you to put the best version of yourself forward. But I also know how difficult it can be to make yourself a priority; it took a health-scare for me to fully appreciate the importance of making time for myself.

My experience has taught me that you have to take care of your own mental, spiritual and physical needs in order to be more present and fulfilled, which has led me to starting my own business as a personal stylist with a mission very close to my heart. I want to help women find empowerment to take on any of life’s challenges as their unique, beautiful and authentic selves.

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