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By Stella
Apr 24 2017

Are we safe to say that spring is finally here in Halifax? I hope so!  I've been anxiously waiting to wear some of my more lighter clothing and break out my toes :)  Last week, mother nature gave us a bit of a tease, so I did just that.

By Stella
Feb 20 2017

My hands are feeling a little shaky and my heart is probably beating about 1000x a minute.  But that's okay, "I'm sensitive" :) This is what I keep telling myself as I contemplate sharing a bit more about myself on my blog.

By Stella
Jan 05 2017

I hope all of you had a beautiful holiday season.  Ending 2016 with peace, acceptance, and lightheartedness :) 

Here's to welcoming 2017 with wide open arms and a soft heart.  I am certainly ready,  I hope you are too!

By Stella
Dec 06 2016

Year after year I find myself struggling with the same question. What do I buy Billy for Christmas?

There is really no sense in asking him as I always get the same reply.

"I don't need or want anything..." 


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