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By Stella
Jun 17 2017

Can you believe it?  Beach weather is here!!! Almost...

We may not have the warmest beaches here in Halifax N.S., but we certainly have some of the most beautiful ones.

By Stella
May 05 2017

Flowers are blooming, the weather is getting warmer, and the days are getting longer...aaaahhhhh, how lovely, spring is finally here.  It is also that time where you find the stores are filled with Mother's Day cards and gift ideas.

By Stella
Apr 24 2017

Are we safe to say that spring is finally here in Halifax? I hope so!  I've been anxiously waiting to wear some of my more lighter clothing and break out my toes :)  Last week, mother nature gave us a bit of a tease, so I did just that.

By Stella
Feb 20 2017

My hands are feeling a little shaky and my heart is probably beating about 1000x a minute.  But that's okay, "I'm sensitive" :) This is what I keep telling myself as I contemplate sharing a bit more about myself on my blog.


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