The love of fall and its fashion

By Stella
Oct 06 2018

Hello October!  

What amazing summer weather we had and now going into fall the weather can't be beat.  I find as the weather patterns here in Halifax are changing, the way I buy my clothes are also changing.  Rather than buying bulkier winter items, I find myself buying more things that I can wear all year long.  Items that I wear in the summer, I can wear in the colder months by layering.  Layering is key when the season's change and you get so much more wear out of your favourite pieces.   

Here are some of my favourite trends happening this season.  Some of which are perfect for that transition into spring. 

Plaids -  

You can find this pattern on pretty much anything. Wear it from head to toe or mix the plaid patterns together, similar to the spring 2018 trend of mixing print patterns.  

One of the most popular patterns is the tartan pattern which is commonly used for the Scottish kilts and features vertical, horizontal, or diagonal stripes across each other to form different sized checks.  The colour patterns vary from traditional shades like white, black, and grey to brown with bold tones such as neon orange. Blues and reds are also pretty cool and for those that love colour.

Suits/Blazers -

I'm not talking about structured tailored suits, but suits that are as playful as they are powerful. 

The fashion kicks are still holding strong, so pair these with a classic plaid suit and you will be fashionable and comfortable.  Tres chic!  

The monochromatic suit is a sleeker look and may be worn by the more conservative woman.  A power coloured suit is a show stopper, may be worn by a bold woman who is not afraid to stand out in the crowd. 

A blazer is always a good staple piece to have in your closet, relaxed or fitted, it is totally up to you.  Team the blazer with loose cut trousers and layer in a button front blouse with pointy toe boots.

The wild west look - 

The boot cut pant worn with a cowboy boot or with a pretty dress is the look.  Earth tone palettes of rusts and black will make you look the part.  Accessorize with feathered accessories like earrings, bags, and shoes or fringe satchels and circle bags.

Shoes -

Besides the ones mentioned above, you can expect to see:

The slouch boot - works well with jeans and dresses and lends just the right amount of texture.

The pump - the office-appropriate pump is coming back.  Block heeled, rounded toe, and not over three inches. Consider it your new go to pump.

The low heel- somewhere between a Moroccan slipper and a classic kitten heel elongate your legs and can be worn all day.  Swap them out with trousers and midi skirts for a smart look. 

Some other styles to look out for are the leapord print and denim on denim.  

Not everyone can pull off the leapord print from head to toe, but you can definitely incorporate it into your outfit.  Whether you wear a pair of leapord  print shoes with an all black outfit or wear a leapord print dress with a black pump,  you have many ways to wear this print and it's fun!

I love the denim on denim look but sometimes it just doesn't seem to look right.  Keep in mind when you go to wear this look, either wear the same shades of denim on top and bottom (a monochromatic look) or be sure to wear a lighter or darker shade on top or bottom.  Such as a black denim pant worn with a blue denim shirt.  

The last thing that you may want to add to your accessories, if you don't already own one, is the beret.  The key to wearing a beret is to not fuss too much about it after you have it on.  Just put it on and tug slightly to one side.  That's it!

I am so excited for another new season with all its coziness, layers, and rich colours.  Most of us enjoy the heat, sun, ocean, and the breeze of summer, but there is something about fall when the leaves start to turn and the smell of pumpkin and spice fills your nose with love and delight.  Mmmmm:)

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving and happy fall shopping! 


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