It's tradition

By Stella
Mar 27 2018

Many of you may know that I am of Greek descent. For those of you who didn't know, well, now you do :)  

As a child, I was brought up "Greek".  I spoke very few words of English before I went to school. My home smelled like Greek food daily. Anytime my family entertained, Greek music was playing in the back ground and we always roasted a lamb on the souvla (spit) at Easter...which is kind of what inspired this months' blog, celebrating Easter in my Greek Orthodox way.  

Orthodox and Catholic Easter don't always fall on the same day.  The Orthodox follow the Julien calendar, while the Catholic follow the Gregorian calendar.  This year Orthodox Easter is a week after the Catholic Easter.  This is great for us as we get to buy our chocolate's 50% off! 

As a young girl, I remember my mother would buy me and my sister a new dress and my brother a pant, shirt, bow tie get up. This was a yearly thing.  My godfather would also bring me a new pair of white shoes from Greece and this would complete my Easter outfit.   Oh, and I can't forget about the white ankle socks! This went on until I became a teenager.  There was something very special about getting dressed in our pretty dresses on this important holiday that most Greek Orthodox celebrate more than Christmas.  

My husband and I have carried on many of the same traditions with our girls, and they receive the same love from their godparents as I did when I was a little girl.  Something that special never dies I guess.  

I must admit, although I am a grown woman and my godfather has passed, I still like to treat myself to a new outfit. I love the nostalgic feeling it gives me.  It just feels right.  So whatever or however you choose to dress for Easter, just feel your best.  

I hope you carry on a tradition, or something that is important to you with your family so it never fade's away. Happy Easter!



Here are just a few outfit ideas in case you felt like treating yourself or someone you love :)


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