Holiday style

By Stella
Dec 03 2018

Can you feel Christmas in the air?!  The Christmas decorations are up, the music is filling our ears, and the rush has begun.  I love it!!

There is going to be a lot more entertaining going on at our home this year, so it left me wondering what I could wear that looks festive, is comfortable, and that I can wear again after the holidays.  Ladies, I have decided that my go to piece is going to be the midi pleated skirt and it may be your choice too after you're done reading this. :)  

I have been asked by many whether those with wider hips should you be wearing a pleated skirt?...the answer is absolutely!  The key is to watch the length and the size of the pleats and to keep your top half tailored, at a good length, and/or tucked into your skirt. 

What I love about this style skirt is that I can move freely in it, it doesn't wrinkle, and it comes in many lengths. It can be worn with flats, heels, or a trendy sneaker.  It is so versatile and can be worn all year round and to any occasion.  You can find some beautiful textures and colours that can easily be styled with a bomber jacket, slouchy sweater, and a blazer style over a tee.  The pleated skirt may have been a trend in fashion in 2016 but don't be's still a winner.

May your hearts and homes be filled with love and magic this holiday season. 

Happy holidays to you all and may the new year bring nothing but peace and joy.  


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