Fashion is blooming for Spring/Summer

By Stella
Mar 11 2018

Hello all you beautiful people!  

Yes, I am still here :) Active with Instagram and Facebook but maybe not so much on my blog :(

Being a mom, with a home and a couple business' to take care of, all while trying to care for my own well-being has proven to be a little difficult. With so many "priorities" in my life, something had to give and unfortunately, it was blogging.  It took me a little while to figure out what form of social media I should be spending more time on. What do my followers want to see more of?  What do I enjoy doing?  Although I really enjoy blogging, it takes up a bit more time than clicking a button and posting a picture with a mini blog.  I will continue blogging as often as I can, but if you want to see more pictures and current trends, follow me on Instagram ( and/or my Facebook page (styliani).  

Now on to what this blog is really about...the spring/summer trends of 2018!  All I can say is...

Pretty and feminine!

Pastel colours - especially the colour lilac.  You will be seeing this colour in suiting, skirts, tops, and dresses.  It pairs beautifully with so many colours but you can keep it mono chromatic, layer it with another pastel colour, or wear it with what fashion is calling the "crayola colours".  Crayola meaning, bold dominating colours with yellow being at the top of the list.

Sequins - you mean we don't just have to wear this in the evening?  NO!  Sequins and sheer were hitting the runways along with metallic day wear.  You can wear a classic suit to work and put on a pair of sequins shoes and ta-da! You're looking mighty stylish and still sophisticated.,default,pd.html?dwvar_240024_color=085&cgid=1103#scrollTo=10&prefn1=siteAssignment-text&prefv1=brown&start=10

Checks - it's all about which check pattern are you wearing?!  The store racks and social media are flooded with check patterned everything.  From a small houndstooth or gingham check to a larger windowpane or tattersall check, you will see it all.  Anyone can wear checks, just find the best pattern that flatters your body type.

Fringing - inspired in home decor, fringes are showing up in accessories, dresses, and tops to name a few.  It's a fun statement piece, so go have fun with it!

The fanny pack - Yes! They are back!!  I love me a fanny pack. :)  I'm not talking about the ones that we might have owned when we were children that were canvas material and bulky (I had one :)), but a more upgraded and stylish fanny pack.  I find it so convenient when I travel or go shopping.  I don't usually wear mine around my waist, but instead I wear it like a cross body purse.  When you're traveling this is a good way to wear it as well, because you can turn it to be in front of your body.

Mules - taking over again this season but with plenty of new variations.  From office-appropriate closed-toe styles (with both stiletto and block heels) to more casual open-toed options that slip on and off with ease.

Sneakers - let's just say that comfort is trendy.  We have the boot sneaker, the 80's-90's retro-inspired style, and the more classic neutral sneaker that comes in tan, cream, and camel which offers you a subtle alternative to the classic clean white style.

Well there you have it, some of the more popular trends happening now.  

I am excited for the warmer weather to come ahead, excited to be present and to embrace whatever this new season brings. Most importantly, I am grateful for being a woman that is doing what she loves to do - showcasing femininity, vulnerability, confidence, and power through fashion.  The time is now.  




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