Breaking up with Instagram

By Stella
Sep 16 2018
personal experience

To all my followers, family, and friends. This will be my last "professional" post on Instagram for a little while.

It was not until a year into my new business that I began to use Instagram.  I wasn't feeling ready to start using Instagram at the time, but was told by many that it was a great way to promote my business. A perfect way to show who I was and what my business was all about.  

Part of me wishes I would have trusted my instinct and not created an account. But I am happy I did, as I am grateful for the lessons I learned.  

My goal was to post for my business at least 3 times a week. I thought this would be manageable and not a continuous thing; but, it ended up being much more than that. The process would prove to be very time consuming and somewhat stressful. There was the "work" related aspect, but then I would end up scrolling through the people I follow.  What felt like minutes, turned out to be much longer.  Is that really what I should be doing with my time? How on earth am I being a good example to my girls?

Well it turns out I wasn't!

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and we were having lunch in Lunenberg. We had just taken a couple pictures when one of my daughters became a little upset after she saw herself in a picture we had just taken.  She was adamant about making sure that I didn't "post it".  I could feel myself starting to cry.  Not because she didn't want me to post it, but because a) she wasn't happy with the way she looked and b) she said "don't post it".  That is what really hit home. Is this really what my daughter's think has to happen after a picture is taken?  Or that this is why we are taking the picture? I wanted to break my phone.  What kind of role model was I being?  

This is when I decided it was time for Instagram and I to go on a break. I truly respect the millions that are doing it as a career, but it is just not for me.

I feel there is too much pressure these days, on not just youth, but on adults as well with social media.  I do not want my girls to think that it's normal to have your phone in hand everywhere you go, or that they have to post a life experience on Instagram because it's what everyone else is doing.  I do not want them to feel that they are not liked or less popular if they only have one like on a picture or just 20 followers.  I want them to know this stuff is not important.  What is important is being true to yourself and being kind and authentic to the people you meet in your everyday life. 

This is how you will be remembered. 

I look forward to shining my light and living my passion for what I do, with my new and existing clients face to face.  This is where I feel the most comfortable and myself.  

I will continue blogging on a regular basis sharing fashion goodies, trends, style tips, and some life experiences.  I hope that you will follow along! 

I really do thank you all for your support, following, and kindness.  I would not have explored and learned about Instagram without you.  

Be present, be your beautiful and authentic selves always.

This is for you my beautiful girls.  xo


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