Be in the moment

By Stella
Nov 07 2018

Did anyone else feel the pressure in the air in the month of October?  It was an extremely busy month for me and what I realized after struggling with headaches, an unbalanced feeling, increase in anxiety, and just overall mental tiredness, was "SLOW DOWN STELLA!" 

Christmas isn't even here yet!!

We sometimes forget that our body and mind can only take on so much.  The idea of being invincible and heroic or trying to be the perfect mom, wife, sister, and daughter is exhausting and will not happen.  You are one person and you are already perfect for being imperfect.  I, for one, am really looking forward to this month and the next.  I am trying really hard to mentally prepare and calm my mind before the holiday's.  It is one of my favourite times of year, so presence and fulfilment are on the top of my list.

On that note, has anyone started their Christmas shopping?  I am typically an early shopper, but this year my family and I have decided to really cut back on the amount of gifts we're giving and spend more time doing quality things together.  Seriously, what is better than spending time with family and friends listening to holiday music, sharing some good food, and a glass or 2 of delicious wine?!

An annual tradition my family and I do to kick off the holiday spirit is attend The Festival of Trees luncheon and evening gala.  There are many fundraiser's to partake in and donate to, but this is one that seems to be close to my heart.  The festival of trees is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of Nova Scotian's living and struggling with mental illness and addictions.  Each year the venue is full of trees decorated by different local businesses as a way to raise money.  You have the opportunity to bid on any tree and the winner is announced at the black tie gala. There are also beautifully decorated cakes and wreaths to bid on, along with raffle prizes.  Every year at the luncheon our table is full of loving and strong women that I am so thankful are a part of my life. I love joining them this time of year to do something good.  Hearing stories and struggles from the guest speaker(s) always creates a few tears, but is just a confirmation that we are in the right place with a community that cares.

The black tie gala is just as lovely as the luncheon but a little more "fancy".  I always get excited for the gala because we get to dress up!  There is a different feel in the evening when people are formally dressed - the entire evening is just a feel good time.  It is a great event to attend to have your heart warmed and filled.

The holiday festivities are just getting started, so put on your best that makes you feel the best...which may just include a little sparkle :)  A little sparkle on the outside will bring sparkle on the inside!  

Enjoy your time with family and friends wherever you are and don't be afraid to meet new beautiful humans along the way. Do something good for yourself and for other's and you shall receive the biggest gift of all-a happy heart.  


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