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By Stella
May 11 2023

If there is one thing that is for sure it's that denim is a constant during any season.  It is no longer worn just on weekends and should be a staple in your wardrobe.  This season it is everywhere, from clothing, accessories to even furniture. Believe it or not I recently re-upholstered a chair in a denim fabric and it looks so cool. :)

How can we wear our denim pieces?

Denim maxi skirt did you say?  oh yes.  It is simple, sophisticated and can be worn with a loafer or stylish sneaker.

Wide leg jeans are stepping in. Wide leg styles are best worn alongside other elevated essentials, like a crisp white blouse or a simple but perfect white tee.  They are most comfortable and can be worn casual or dressy. Pair it with a platform sneaker and a small denim bag or a kitten heel and a simple handbag will elevate this style jean.

White jeans.  I tell all of my clients that you should have at least one pair of white or light coloured pair such as ecru, ivory, or cream in your closet.  You can wear white jeans all year round but definitely more wearable during the warmer months.  Can be worn with a raffia bag and a sleek sandal or a cross body bag with a stylish sneaker.  Trust me when I say they will be your go to.

Denim over-shirts.  For those that love their skinny jeans, you can wear this oversized shirt layered over a tank top unbuttoned.  It is a more elevated and stylish look.

Jean jackets.  Classic and can be worn with anything and any season.

Denim dress. Swap your everyday poplin shirt dress with this.  Any style shoe goes…you decide!

Are you denimed out yet?  :)

I could wear denim everyday and each season I like to try different styles and why not?  Not everything works but how would I know if I didn’t try?  Fashion and style is for you to admire, appreciate and have fun with.  

Always wear what you love and what looks and feels best for you.



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