4 fashion pieces you must have this fall/winter

By Stella
Oct 15 2016
fashion trends

Fall is in the air folks, and as much as I love having my painted toes exposed, it is now time to have them covered up!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons here in Halifax.  The leaves are turning bright orange, yellow and red.  The smell of apple cinnamon fills the room in bakeries and coffee shops.  The air is fresh leaving a crisp feeling on your skin.  

It is also a great time in the fashion world.  When layering fabrics, colors and texture, a sense of warmth is given to the eye and skin.

These are just a few of my personal favorites!

Cashmere / Knit sweater

This piece is a classic.

Pair it with a pair of skinny jeans and a bomber style jacket overtop. You can also wear it with a metallic colored pleated skirt, or with just a pair of black "leather" leggings.  The color I would suggest would be cream or heather grey.  This can be a go to piece.

Pleated skirt

This is one of my new favorite pieces for this season.  It is such a versatile piece, dressing it up or down.  They come in different lengths, knee or floor length, and they look good on any type of figure.  The pleated skirt is feminine, yet you can pair it with a pair of converse sneakers and a sweater, giving you a much more casual look.  Ankle boots and a bomber jacket also look fabulous together with this skirt.  Bonus being, that it is a super comfortable skirt and it looks great!  Can't beat that.

Bomber style jacket

This jacket is a great "top off" piece.  It can go with so many things, such as your jeans, pants, skirts, dresses..anything!  There are many patterned bomber style jackets out there, so if you were going to invest in one, I would suggest investing in a more sublte color.  Reason for this is so you are able to match it with much of your existing wardrobe.  Getting your money's worth :)  

The ankle boot

I'll be honest, it took me a little getting used to wearing these.  I was always used to wearing a taller boot with my pants and skirts, so having a short boot on my feet made me feel like my legs were a little bare.  It took some time getting used to, but I love them now!  These boots are so versatile and they show your leg figure when wearing them with a short skirt / dress.  A tip on how to wear them with jeans is, if your jean doesn't tuck in the boot well, roll your jeans up a couple times hitting almost the top of your boot.  


These 4 pieces that I suggested for this season will get you through the whole winter.  You will be able to mix and match these pieces with so many things that you most likely already have in your closet.

Bring on the cooler weather, I am fashion ready and now you will be too!



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